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Live Pain Free Again!

Contursi Personal Training
Bridging The Gap Between Fitness and Healthcare  



Whether you’re an athlete looking to progress, a desk jockey looking to relieve your back pain, or play pain free with your kids again. Joe can help you.


What People Are Saying

I like to think of my services as life-changing. If you want to learn more about my clients’ past experiences and the amazing results they’ve achieved, check out some of their testimonials below!


Laura Beck

Joe is an amazing coach who has, in just 3 months, worked with me to get rid of all (and then some) of my baby weight and is guiding me into the best shape of my life!! I Lost 8.5 pounds, 9.75 inches and 5.1% body fat. If you live in the area, come check out a free class! You'll be hooked after just one!!


Dawn S.

Recently I lost 21 pounds and over 2 inches in my waist. For years, I’ve tried working out at home with some equipment I have in the basement, but never really seemed to get any results. I knew that if I was ever going to lose weight and keep it off, I had to do something different. I found that ‘something’ and it was Coach Joe and I’m so pleased with the results that I want to tell you about it.


Kim Hamilton 
National Physique Committee Bikini Competitor   

I cannot thank you enough for all of your support, patience, strength and inspiration. I could have never imagined training for a fitness competition and forget about walking out on stage in front of hundreds of people to show off my physique. You inspired me to pursue what others said was just a fantasy. You were with me for every step along the way; through the early morning and evening training sessions, the diet, the posing sessions, the competitions and most importantly the hundreds of pep talks. Without those I don’t think I would have made it through. My confidence and the way I view body has never been this high, I’ve been forever changed. 

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