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My Story

In two decades of training clients, I saw the same movement and postural challenges repeatedly. Pain and skewed posture in neck, shoulders, back and knees. Most of these challenges are brought on by modern life. These challenges interfere with daily movement and overall physical fitness.

My programming system was developed to combat the strains of modern life. The programing is based on a postural and movement assessment, body composition analysis and your fitness goals. As an expert in human movement assessment, I help active people recover and reach peak performance. Through development and implementation of fitness and conditioning strategies I can decrease pain, improve posture, decrease susceptibility to other injuries, reduce stress and improve daily living. 

I have worked with pre surgery and post physical therapy patients, people of all ages to improve strength, stability and overall fitness, coached student athletes and MMA fighters for strength and conditioning, trained National Physique Committee Bikini and Figure competitors.

NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPT Certified Personal Trainer, CES Corrective Exercise Specialist
IKFF International Kettlebell Fitness Federation CKT Certified Kettlebell Trainer Level 1& 2

Coach Joe Contursi

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