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Corrective Exercise Training

As a specialist Joe will work to remedy the cumulative results of stresses placed on the body, helping to restore and maintain posture, balance, mobility, and stability, which allows the body to move freely and without pain.


My corrective exercise programming system was developed to combat the strains of modern life.  In the course of training clients, I saw the same movement and postural problems over and over again. Pain and skewed posture in neck, shoulders, back and knees.  Most of these issues stem from long periods of inactivity like sitting and working on the computer and smart phones. These issues are not limited to inactivity but also come from repetitive movements like working with your arms above your head or sports related imbalances like throwing or swinging using only one side of your body. I use comprehensive postural assessments and movement analysis to assess and identify muscular imbalances and create programming.  The program involves joint mobility, stretching and strengthening of muscles. This training restores the body to proper movement patterns, relives pain and strengthens the body to improve your overall wellbeing.

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